Neunhagen Declaration


We are Europe! Nothing about me without me


The members of Caravan 2000, a network for understanding and diversity in Europe, appeal to the states that signed the UN convention on the rights of people with disabilities, to ratify and to implement the contents of its articles.

  • Good effective service models are known and available, but under-funded!
  • Old and ineffective service delivery must stop and the funds maintaining them must be reallocated!
  • The rule today should become the exception: More inclusive education – less special schools. More supported employment on the mainstream labour market - less sheltered work-places. More community-based, individual living – less institutional care

That is our vision of equal chances!


Caravan 2000, with its members working in 15 countries has the network, and the cultural pluralism to contribute significantly to the necessary change!


We want to take part in this renewal process!


Every country must guarantee equal access for people with disabilities in the fields of health, education, housing, work, leisure time. They should have a voice in politics!


The reduction of barriers starts in the mind!


Individual abilities allow for participating and contributing to the development of the society we live in. Persons with disabilities are potential actors in the creation of inclusive communities! They are also a potential economic force in society.


“To become oneself among the others”: The human being can only realise their personality when interacting with other people. Therefore we favour inclusion as opposed to exclusion!


Humanity must build and count on the competences, strengths and sensitivities of every individual.


Learning together – living together – creating together: Inclusion means we all go to the same schools, work in the same mentally and physically barrier-free environments, and respect every culture.


“Nothing about me without me”: Every human being is an expert on themselves!

Caravan 2000 stands for the participation of persons with disabilities on all matters concerning themselves.


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