About Caravan 2000

Caravan 2000 is a movement started by a group of people looking for long-term changes in in Europe.


A movement is a group of people who organise actions and events that take place over a long time and work towards changing the way we think about things, like people who need help, for example.


In this movement people and organisations from around the world work together to change how people think about other people.

Caravan 2000 believes that it is good for all people to see and meet other people from all over the world.


We try to find new ways for people from different countries to talk to each other in every day life.

“Caravan 2000 International, a European Movement for Diversity and Understanding.”  It was established in 1996.

We first came together to arrange a symbolic journey across Europe and the Middle East.


On this journey we wanted to look at the places and situations in which people lacked opportunities to prosper as they should or could.


These situations are often unfair and still affect large groups of people in Europe and in the rest of world for no good reason.

The leading members of Caravan 2000 come from many different countries in Europe as well as from Turkey and Israel.


They represent organisations for people with disabilities, for disadvantaged young people, for people working with disadvantaged people, their supporters and people with related roles.

The most important value shared by members of this movement is that every human being is equal regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion and ability.


We thus appreciate each person’s individuality as a unique person. We base our activities on human rights as the basis for equal opportunity and the right to full participation in society.



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