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This document describes the vision of Caravan 2000 and its social aims in more detail.
The members of Caravan 2000, a network for understanding and diversity in Europe and the neighbouring countries, welcome the adoption in 2006 of The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The U.N. convention is an important step towards creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities. However, their situation still leaves a lot to be desired.
The following improvements are suggested by Caravan 2000:

  • The adoption of successful working models though better funding,
  • More inclusive education – fewer special schools,
  • More supported employment in the mainstream labour market - fewer sheltered work-places,
  • More community-based, individual living – less institutional care,
  • More job opportunities for people with disabilities throughout Europe,
  • More social inclusion of people with disabilities – less discrimination.




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