All Included –idea an Practice of Inclusion for People with Disabilities in Europe

The International Federation and 12 partners from Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Litauen , Greece and Turkey met from 9 to 13 October 2013 in Bernau at the conference " All Included –idea an Practice of Inclusion for People with Disabilities in Europe" We wanted to figure out the desired and actual state of implementation in each country. Our aim was to inform the participants through the exchange of knowledge and encouraged to recognize and to demand the inclusion of the right to personal, professional and political level. 


40 people attended the conference including 16 young people with disabilities and disadvantages as a direct and equal stakeholders and experts. The encounter crowded lectures, reflection, and discussion groups, as well as artistic and cultural events.


There were four presentations on


• Development and operation of the network Caravan 2000 (opening address Peter Furth the cofounder of the Caravan 2000)

• Implications of the UN Convention on people with disabilities "Inclusion .What is it and how can we breathe life into this term with practical application?," Lars Lippenmeier Europa-Akademie )

• The importance of emotional bonds ( "Does friendship still exist? ". Arnd Kunau People First)

• future challenges of the professional integration ( Do not give up , stick together " Michaela Schreier  Managing IB)


We reflected upon by moderation walls with specifying questions and discussion (Open space) . The participating teams presented the lived practice of participation in their organization and its environment and examples of good practice and insufficient ones. (The World Cafe method). The conference was accompanied with the products of the studio Amos, an art workshop for people with disabilities.


The findings and claims to live in a common society found expression in the " Bernau Declaration 2013 " and jointly created work of art.

We reflected on the questions and found the answers together.


We asked: inclusion - what is it : and found out it is mainly :

- The commonality and equality of all people , togetherness , shared reflection on the reality experienced , peer support .

- The real way to live self-determined and normal to be able to exercise the dream job, pursue new hobbies , make your own day and our own environment according to their own taste .

- The possibility of personal development.
- and the willingness to go ahead with a good example to others and to encourage them to hold together and persevere.
We considered also inclusion - which frame is needed: and demanded
- The information on the rights and resources
- a fair access to live in society (physical and mental)
- Successful communication in emotionally significant environments (family, school).

- Opportunities for active communication of needs and desires on the political , social or personal level

- Create and maintaining the encounter platforms to grow with others at a respectful relationship.


The actual realization through learning in the schools and work in the projects, public housing, common cultural performances.

We asked what skills are needed for this and wished us the possibilities for
- acquisition of technical and cultural skills : especially of language skills (English), and the computer skills to get access to the Internet , social networks
- promote development in areas of creative expression : writing books or taking professionally photo
- development in areas of intercultural and social communication to express themselves adequately and self-conscious.
- Training of specific disabilities to overcome own individual weaknesses such as training of voice or body coordination

We communicate during the conference a lot and varied on the topic. We argue, and agreed,  we quarreling with each other and got our points . We approached the matters seriously and systematically, but also playful and creative. It was a good successful time spent together.  What remains after the conference?

We asked finally Inclusion - what conclusions and work orders arise for us all from this? What is there to do?

We wanted 

- creation of other supportive legal and social framework (Meetings to form a fearless approach to fashion and reduction of prejudice )

- Schooling and preparation of all stakeholder and training of specific skills (English, computer skills , social skills )

- creation of linguistically  and  impact accessibly  platform of information and communication like  Homepages and networks for support and  exchange (discussion forums)

- dissemination art and music workshops for people with disabilities

. Summarizing, we approached a joint venture in which each take his own rightful place, which caring promotes in its weaknesses and well strengths its opportunities, which is successfully happened during the conference.
With this in mind… do not give up!

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