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Caravane 2000

Caravane 2000 France 1,

Rond-point Baudimont 62000 ARRAS

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Chairman : Mr. Régis ALVIN


Caravane 2000 France is a French non-governmental organisation consisting of public and private social welfare institutions aimed on the inclusion of disadvantaged youth and people with disabilities as well as the support of their families.
Caravan 2000 France achieves their goals through:
* international exchanges for young people in the risk of being marginalized (esp. disabled, socially neglected, in poverty), often excluded from that type of projects.
* staff exchanges, job shadowing
* sharing good practice
* seminars and conferences


Etablissement Public Départemental de l’Enfance et de la famille (EPDEF)

1, rond point Baudimont
62000 ARRAS

Tel. : +33.(0)321.71.51.32
Fax : +33.(0)321.71.52.90

la Maison de Pierre – Maison d’Accueil Temporaire


L’As de Licques
Tél. : +33(0)321.11.15.15

Centre Medico-Educatif “la Pépinière”

Rue Paul Doumer
Allée André Glatigny
59120 LOOS
Tel. : +33.320.97.12.00
Fax : +33(0).320.96.04.39

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