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Contact persons: Maria Theodoraki, Georgia Papiemidoglou




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Post: 2 Milonos str

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Contact person: Tommy Papp



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Post: S.Nikolakopoulou str.13.

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The Panhellenic Association of Adapted Activities

Is a non-profitable non-governmental association founded in 1996 by professionals working in the field of learning disability. Our philosophy emphasises on the abilities of people with learning disabilities (mental retardation and autism) and on their full and dignified participation in the community. Our basic purpose is to present disabled people with opportunities for creative use of their spare time through a variety of integrated sport, cultural and leisure activities.


ALMA is recruiting well-qualified specialists (psychologist, social worker, music therapist, drama therapist, instructors of physical education, special education teachers and occupational therapists) along with a team of trained volunteers to run the programmes and support the participants in all the activities.


ALMA is in collaboration with local authorities such as the General Secretariat of Youth and the Municipality of Athens, but also with organisations within Europe. The association has actively taken part to a series of programmes organised by the General Secretariat of Youth and by European partners (programme Connect: Eurolude). ALMA is also a member of the Free International Network and the International Caravan 2000.


Our services in brief:


• Afternoon Club of Leisure Activities The workshops that take place include: Group-support, arts and crafts, music, drama, folk dances, occupational therapy, road-safety training, and outings (visits to parks, cinema, exhibitions, theatre, museums, cultural events etc.)

• Day Centre for children and adolescent s with Autistic Disorders

• Adapted Sport Activities Horse Riding, Athletics, Track Sports, Swimming, Sailing, Cycling, Bowling, Mountain climbing - Mountain rumbling.

• Programme for Developing Skills for (semi-) independent living

• Excursions and Camping Holidays.

• Projects for information and sensitization of the community towards people with learning disabilities.


PAASCA is a non-profitable organisation. To finance its activities the association uses several sources:


• The participants do offer a small contribution to the expenses for the programmes.

• Sponsorships from the private sector and companies.

• Funds from the local authorities (the General Secretariat of Youth and the Municipality of Athens) for short or long-term projects.

• Fund-raising events.



Kentro Koinonikis Frontidas Atomon Me Noitiki Ysterisi

ESTIA is a recognized Charity overseen by the Ministry of Health & Social Solidarity. It was founded in 1982 by parents of intellectual disabled children.


ESTIA specializes in providing support and care to people with intellectual disabilities from 18 years of age in aim of improving quality of life and supporting their inclusion into the community.

In 1998 it was certified as a special vocational training centre for implementation of ESF projects. Since 2009 ESTIA is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

With the motto Each person is unique and his uniqueness should be dealt with respect.


ESTIA provides services like:

  • The services provided at the centre are: vocational training, support services for the disabled and their families, supported employment service, social skills training, creative learning and leisure time activities, sports programmes, creation and implementation of Supported living units.

  • The funding sources of ESTIA are: grants from ESF projects, grants from Ministry of Health& Social Solidarity, Ministry of Labour, the local government, social insurance bodies, membership subscriptions, donations, sponsorships and from different events. ESTIA struggle on an everyday basis with the insecure funding situation.

Due to the lack of a clear funding framework in Greece for people with intellectual disabilities a lot of energy is spent on the hard work of fund raising.


The ESF programmes have been of great importance for the improvement of the quality of services provided by ESTIA.


Through these programmes we got know-how and skills to make sure that that we can keep up to our motto “Each person is unique and his uniqueness should be dealt with respect” At ESTIA non formal learning is very important. For more than 10 years we have been involved in the YOUTH-progamme, both as organizers and as participants.


These cooperations with domestic and transnational organizations have been important factors in our struggle to improve quality of life and combat exclusion for our target group.

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