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Mission Statement


The Friends of Mount Carmel Hospital Society seeks to build up the community awareness and change social attitudes towards persons who are receiving treatment at Mt Carmel Hospital.


This is achieved by:

  1. Acting as a link between the hospital and the community,
  2. Supporting the services delivered within Mount Carmel Hospital to improve their quality.
  3. Combating stigmatization of people with mental illness in Malta especially by holding activities at the Psychiatric Hospital which are open to the public.
  4. Organizing fund-raising to support users financially or in kind during their treatment in the hospital, as well as, during their re-integration process from the hospital into the community.


National Focus Point for Mental Health Europe, Brussels


President Mr Joseph Borg Bonello

Vice President Mr Joseph Borg



Secetary/Treasurer Mr John Lanzon


The Society

The Friends of Mount Carmel Hospital Society (formerly known as Friends of Attard Hospital Society) was set up in 1964. Its founder members were: Dr.Joseph Pullicino, Fr.Dionisius Mintoff and Mr.Joe Borg Bonello. Ms.Feldman, wife of the ex-U.S. Ambassador to Malta was the first President of the Society, she had been followed by Sir Anthony Mamo, Prof.J J Cremona, and Mr.Joe Borg Bonello, present incumbent.


Every year since its onset the Society has been organizing a grand Christmas fair within the Hospital area. This event is aimed on attracting people to visit the hospital and breaking the stereotypes about the people with mental disorders and wrong perceptions of the hospital environment. Items of handcrafts made by the patients attending the Occupational Therapy Unit are and have always been, in fact, the basic attraction of the fair.


During the years the Society has implemented various projects, such as the Social Centre where male and female patients can spend time together during the day, the Young People`s Unit aimed on reintegration of young people with mental health problems in the community.


The Society also donated funds for: purchase of medical equipment, kitchen stuff, gym equipment, a coach and van with lift for wheelchairs, as well as funds for: re-construction of the Seclusion Unit and refurbishment of certain wards and furnishing of a residential care flat in the community in Mgarr, Malta. At Christmas the Society awards the best decorated wards.

The Society runs the program in which a group of volunteers pays visits to the patients in the hospital on a monthly basis. The Society supports financially or in kind needy cases and contributes to holidaying of patients in Gozo or abroad .

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2009, the Society organized a conference on Empowerment and the European Pact for Mental Health and Well-Being. Ms Mary Van Dievel, Director Mental Health Europe, was the main speaker. She was invited by the Society specifically for this occasion.

The other honorable participants were Hon. Mario Galea, Mrs Kate Gonzi, Mr Joseph Borg Bonello, President FMCH Society and Mr Joseph Borg, Vice President and Focal Point Mental Health Europe.

The Friends of Mount Carmel Hospital Society is affiliated with Mental Health Europe and Caravan2000 International Federation both based in Brussels, with the local Malta Health Network and the Malta Federation of Organisations for Persons with Disability.


The Society is a registered non-profit organization according to Maltese Law. (reg. no. V.O./0059)

Maltese Federation of Organisations for Persons with Disability

Vision 2010 For Disability

On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the foundation of the Federation, a Conference consisting of three seminars was organised on 12th and 13th November 2010. The Conference was held at The George Urban Hotel in Paceville. All persons with disability, their parents, and carers, and other stake-holders in the sphere of disability were invited to attend.


The main themes addressed were Education16+, Employment and Independent Living. For all three seminars local and foreign speakers were invited.


The Conference was introduced by the President of the Federation, who stated the purpose of the event. Speeches by Members of Parliament, representing the Government and the Opposition, dealt with the issues in discussion.


For the first seminar, held on Friday afternoon, the topic of post-compulsory Education was reflected on. A presentation by Dr Elena Tanti Burlò, about the opportunities and difficulties persons with special needs encounter at this critical stage in life was followed by another presentation by the first foreign speaker to address the Conference. Profs. Serge Ebersold treated the subject of Education and Transition to Adulthood from the point of view of the developments within the European Union.


Saturday morning was dedicated to the issue of employment of persons with special needs. Mr Ivan Refalo, Performance and Development Manager at the Playmobil Malta provided information about the opportunities offered by the Company to disabled persons in the area of employment. He stated that the Company has a track record of a percentage of employment of disabled persons which is higher than the established legal quota. Whilst answering to a question put to him on whether his company would select for employment a person with disability and not a person with mental health problems, Mr Refalo stated that no preference would be made. The vacant post would be filled by any person who best matches the requirements to perform the job.


The same topic was further developed by Mr Michael Evans from Scotland, who is the President of an Organisation dealing with Supported Employment within the framework of the European Union. His presentation offered further practical information about how persons with disability in various other countries are supported when in seeking employment.


The third seminar started with an address by Dr Andrew Azzopardi who discussed the issue of inclusivity within the mainstream communities. Persons with special needs have their own dignity, and ought to be allowed to participate fully in society. Dr Val Williams shared her experience in the research programmes carried out by Norah Fry Research Centre (UK), regarding supported independent living, with the audience present.


During every session, persons with special needs, who have developed a very positive attitude towards life, shared their experiences about overcoming their difficulties. The audience enhanced the value of the Conference by participating actively in fruitful discussions on the different topics in question.

It is expected that the outcomes of the discussions will lead to further debate on the subject of disability- physical, intellectual, or behavioural problems, and any improvements that will augment the value of the quality of life of people with special needs.


Mr J.Borg Bonello, President, and Mr Joseph Borg, vice President, F.M.C.H.Society, attended all three Seminars.

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