Polish Association for Persons with mental Disability


Polish national committee of the Caravan 2000 is formed by:

  • Polish Association for Persons with mental Disability, Gdańsk Branch
    “PSOUU Gdańsk”
    ul. Tysiąclecia 13a,
    80-351 Gdansk, Poland
    Tel: +58 58 55302 61, fax: +48 58 553 25 11
  • Society of the Mutual Support Organizations “SUKURS”
  • City Hall of Gdańsk

Contact person: Magdalena Skiba psouu_magda@op.pl












PSOUU is a national, non-profit, parental organization, established in 1991, aimed on equalization of chances for persons with intellectual disabilities, creating opportunities leading them toward active participation in social life and supporting their families.
As of Dec 31, 2008, the Gdańsk branch of the Association consists of 257 members: parents, professionals and adults with intellectual disability.

Association works for and represents a group of almost 1500 individuals with developmental disability since birth (children, teenagers and adults) and their families, whose disability requires support for their entire life. In leveling many years of neglect and promoting an idea of full participation in the society for this group of people, we propagate basic human rights as comprised in The UN Convention of Rights of People with Disability.


We act as well as a professional social services agency as a mutual support parental organization.

Institutions and programmes managed by PSOUU Gdańsk

Early Intervention Center – for children from 0-7 years of age. Helpless parents of little children exposed, for different reasons to mental retardation and disability can find support, diagnosis, stimulation, rehabilitation and education here. As of today 1220 families receive services.

Rehabilitation-Education Center - for 68 severely, multiply disabled children, aged 7-24, who, due to their condition, have not received special forms of education and rehabilitation in the public sector.

Occupational Therapy Workshop – for 55 adults with intellectual disability vocational training, self service skills training, rehabilitation, day care and recreation are provided there.

Daily Activity Center – where 17 adults with severe intellectual disability have their daily occupational, art and music therapy activities and social rehabilitation.

The “PROM-ART” Gallery – the first in our country cultural establishment which promotes artistic achievements and creativity of artists with intellectual disability. Professionally prepared exhibitions allow to see a person with disability through his or her abilities and talents. The gallery runs a data-base of the artists with intellectual disability.

Integrative Percussive Orkiestra “Vita Activa” - consists of 30 to 40 people with and without disability. It presents various types of music; classical , contemporary, folk, experimental and popular. Orchestra plays on xylophones, metalophones and several dozens of other instruments, which together comprise the richness and special sound of performed music.

Leasure time Activity Club – musical, artistic, civic, theatrical. Club meetings, whose agenda satisfies the interests and abilities of its members and gives opportunities to maintain social relationship, are led regularly by professionals with the help of volunteers. The capability to realize oneself and one’s abilities is undertaken with the collaboration of Theatrical Education Center, Youth Clubs and other municipal cultural institutions. The club provides for 70 people.

Supported Employment Agency “BIZON” –started in 2006 a job center for people with intellectual disability based on the supported employment in the open labour market concept. At the time being 7 job coaches facilitates the job placement of 38 people with intelectual disability in the open labour market.

Supported Living House – started in 2007 a program „Our Home”, where 17 people with intellectual disability live in their own apartments with support of assistants.

Home and respite care services including:

  • Education and rehabilitation at home in case of the bad health condition.
  • Respite care: casual and short term programs at the family home.
  • Personal assistance for the summer vacation trips and stays.
  • Support for parents during the hospitalization Actions and interventions of social worker Consultations with specialists.
  • Assistance for parents in accordance to help them with formal procedures connected with disability of their child.
  • Organization of the financial and in kind support (clothes, wheelchairs, furniture, etc.)
  • Information exchange between staff of the Center and parents on the daily basis
  • Fitting up the rehabilitation equipment and special aids.
  • Special transport provision

Special Events – promoting the idea of the full participation in the social life and at the same time educating society in the positive approach to a person with disability with regard to his or hers needs and abilities.
We regularly organize special events which are either open or only for the disabled. Some of the best known include: The World not Known Enough – international festival of theatrical, musical, fine arts achievements of people with developmental disabilities Sport events, “Big Brother Big Sister” program, holiday camps, seminars & trainings, Art Auctions, Carnival Parties

We are on our way
from indifference to active life
from subordination to self-determination
from isolation to life in an open environment
from a label of diminished worth to full acknowledgment of human rights
from a state of despair and helplessness of families to self-help, support, and realization of individual goals in life.

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