Contact Person: Tarik Bitlis

Post: Levent Sok.
Cagdas Apartman 20/10 Kadiköy



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Spastic Children’s Foundation





Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Hıfzı Özcan

Post: Cad. Metin Sabancı Merkezi No: 8

Küçükbakkalköy, Ataşehir | İstanbul


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Fax: +90 (0) 85 0220 0708


Spastic Childrens’ Foundation of Turkey administers its activities in Metin Sabancı Center, located in the district of Ataşehir, İstanbul. Foundation includes a Special Education Rehabilitation Center, Metin Sabancı Special Education Private School Classes and Creative Arts Therapy Center.

Our Foundation seeks answers and provides solutions to the questions of “How?”, “Why?”, “When?” and “Where?” concerning the brain disorder known as “Cerebral Palsy” in children, adolescents and adults. Accompanied by new perspectives and approaches, our Foundation continues, under the same and additional topics, to support and provide solutions to thousands of children and their families and to other institutions.

In order to ensure that both our students and their families take part in society more actively we continue to deliver trainings in various areas under the following categories:

    •    Special Training and Rehabilitation
    •    Education-Training
    •    Early Intervention Program
    •    Creative Arts Therapy
    •    Volunteerism
    •    Family Relations
    •    Social Awareness
    •    On the Job Training
    •    Resource Development

Our Foundation, since its establishment, has provided support and solutions to 17.000 children and their families in cooperation with experts in this field. Today, in the light of new perspectives and approaches, we continue to give support and offer solutions to thousands of children and their families.

The scope of solutions and precautions and treated within the framework of our foundation’s reason of existence, are expanding with new educational institutions, international studies and worldwide participation.


Düsler Akademisi | Dreams Academy

Contact Person: Ercan Tutal


AYDER Dreams Academy (DA) is a social responsibility initiative that aims to improve opportunities for persons with disabilities and social disadvantages in Turkey, to become active and productive individuals by using the arts and sports as a means.


AYDER Dreams Academy recognizes the strength of arts and sports as one of the most important tool for building creative and productive individuals among the society. Targeting persons with disabilities and social disadvantages in Turkey, this social responsibility project aims at enabling the focus group to produce new ideas and to participate actively and equally into the society.


Since Nov 2008, DA has provided art and sports workshops on various branches. Those workshops are as the followings; Dancing, Drama-Theatre, Fashion Design, Dj, Film Making-Video, Musical Instruments, Painting, Photography, Rhythm, and Personal Development, Mountain Bike Team, Climbing Wall, Scuba Diving etc.


AYDER Dreams Academy Project is realized with the financial support of Turkey Vodafone Foundation in cooperation with Alternative Life Association (AYDER), United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Turkish Ministry of Development.


Additionally, national and international non-governmental organisations supported the establishment and development of AYDER Dreams Academy such as Istanbul Rotary Club, Beşiktaş and Ataşehir Municipalities. Role in the project is organising a music festival in cooperation with other partner countries in Istanbul during the evaluation workshop.

Metin Sabanci Center

Contact Person: Nigar Evgin

Post: Prof. Hifzi Özcan Caddesi 18




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