13 January 2023

The search for the Holy Grail

The Caravan2000 member are very proud to share the Erasmus+ project THE SEARCH FOR THE HOLY GRAIL results!

Let's all go find the Holy Grail!

See the result of the project

24 December 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Caravan2000 wishes all members of the network a happy holiday! 

We wish you meaningful work and partnership in the coming years!

September 2022

Caravan-200 board meeting 

The members of Caravan-2000 in the board meeting discussed the following points:
- IDA project: final stage and aspects;
- GINA project: the possibility of submitting an application through another submission; KA1 mobility project to Caravan2000 members
- Caravan-2000 dissemination: improving and more action for webpage and social media;
- Organizing online Caravan2000 General assembly in November.

August 2022

Inclusive Competence Seminary: what does Europe mean to me?

January 2022

Inclusive Digital Academy

The IDA project aims to create tools adapted to people with special needs in most uses of ICT’s.

The partners, based on a survey of the needs of PWDs, will work in synergy with the recipients as well as with the Bank of Research and Development Turkey, making available its researchers-developers to create innovative tools, simplifying access to ICTs, including for illiterate people.

This work will involve different phases, ensuring the quality of the products produced.

January 2021

IDA Virtual Transnational Meeting

November 2020

IDA is mentioned in the Grundtvig Award Publication


Link to publication

October 2020

IDA Virtual Transnational Meeting

August 2020

An interview with Régis Alvin on the digital exclusion of learners with intellectual disabilities

Régis Alvin is a project manager for the association Les Papillons Blancs (link is external) de Lille, coordinator of the project Inclusive Digital Academy (IDA) (link is external) and Day Centres Without Walls (link is external) (DCWW). Régis is also part of the Executive Board of Caravan 2000 International (link is external), a network that has been working for 20 years for a greater inclusion of people with disabilities or disadvantages.


In an interview for EPALE, Régis tells us how his new project addresses digital exclusion of learners with intellectual disabilities, and the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis.



July 2020

IDA Partners facing COVID

The sudden arrival of the pandemic and the lockdown decision surprised everyone.
Nobody was prepared, let alone people with disabilities.

The use of digital has become the rule to communicate, manage its activities and time, but above all to properly inform oneself of the health situation and the measures barriers to respect.
The partners of the IDA project wanted to report on this period, on what they observed, the tools they implemented, the difficulties encountered.

A summary of these reports is available here. They tell us a lot about the digital divide of people with disabilities and will be useful in the priorities we will give to find digital solutions adapted to their needs.

July 2020

Disabilities and the digital world

At the beginning of the project, the IDA project partners carried out a survey of the uses and difficulties of digital technology among 285 people with disabilities.

The results of this survey highlight the often basic use of Icts and the lack of protection, especially for social networks.

We were sometimes surprised by some answers, suggesting that some had a high level of skills. The reality observed during the lockdown period suggests that the very fact of answering questions using the vocabulary of the digital world was a barrier to answering correctly.

November 2019

Inclusive Digital Academy: IDA

We proudly present IDA - The Inclusive Digital Academy!


IDA is a 3-year project co-funded by the European Commission that aims to develop and improve the digital skills of people with intellectual disabilities. With the interactive support of people with mental disadvantages, IDA will create an App to train these skills. Ten of our Caravan2000 members are collaborating in this project. Make sure you follow us & our exciting digital journey!

November 2019

The STELLA E-Handbook is available!

The STELLA E-Handbook | UK version
PDF-Dokument [3.1 MB]

October 2019

Happy Birthday, Caravan 2000!

20 years of amazing work across Europe and beyond

A flashback to the beginning and 20 years of movement

A film by Régis Alvin | 21:26 minutes

Final STELLA Transnational Meeting, Lithuania

One major highlight during the Final Transnational Meeting of the STELLA Project, in Lithuania, was the 20 year anniversary of the Caravan 2000 International Federation. This took place in the company of partners from organizations in 12 different countries and was celebrated by all in spirited manner, befitting to the occasion...go to full text

September 2019

The STELLA handbook is here!

Over the last two years 10 of our partners have been working within the STELLA Project, sponsored by the EU-Programmes Erasmus+, to develop a handbook aimed at improving the basic skills of people with disabilities. The information and methods presented serve as a practical guide for social workers and carers in enabling their clients a more self determined life or even finding employment on the primary labour market...go to full text

Juli 2019


Week of Action

The Internationaler Bund is an active partner of #Internationalheart Week of Action for more visibility and recognition for European and International Youth Exchange.


Save the date:

16. – 20. September


A key factor in the success of the planned week of action is the highest possible level of  engagement and support from participants in the working field of European and International Youth Exchange. To support the cause pass it on and apply now! Be an active part of it!


Following pages are available here:


More information to share is available on the Facebook and Instagram Page

June 2019

STELLA included by the national agency for education in Europe

The STELLA project has been included in the current newsletter of the National Agency "Bildung für Europa", Education for Europe.


May 2019

STELLA in the German press

The STELLA project makes a recurring appearance in a local German paper, this time in the Usinger Anzeige:

December 2018

STELLA Transnational Meeting, Istanbul

A great event organised by Cerebral Palsy Türkiye, during which the Caravan 2000 members met for the general assembly.

October 2018


STELLA | Organizational Skills

A team from Papillons Blancs in France and Kara Bobowski in Italy participate in the Erasmus Days by organizing public events themselves and in so doing represent the STELLA project. The Organizational Skills teams presented their work, documentary films by and about PWDs, interacted with the local public and offered some communicative group exercises at events they organized themselves during the Erasmus Days 2018.

September 2018

ELPIDA Project Update


An open call for interested parents, relatives or carers of people with disabilities to participate in and contribute to an internet course on the subject of 'Mental Impairment'.


Please contact the project mangagers for further information or continue reading on this website in Projects 2018



Bianka Winterscheid         Tel: 06081 / 44 25 65
Lena Herrenweger         Tel: 06171 / 694 75 22


Lena Herrenweger & Bianka Winterscheid

September 2018

Stella Project in the German press, Taunus Zeitung

Executive Board meets during transnational meeting in Athens

April 2018

IB-Behindertenhilfe gets EU-Funding for "STELLA"

November 2017

After completing the EU-funded ELLA project with great success, the IB Behindertenhilfe has received further funding from the EU-Programms Erasmus+ for the project STELLA - Staff's European Lifelong Learning Academy


The IB-Behindertenhilfe Südwest in cooperation with their 9 partner organisations from Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece, U.K., Sweden, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Turkey will be conducting the sequel project to ELLA - A European Lifelong Learning Academy – An Education Offensive For People With Disabilities which will produce a detailed analysis regarding the needs' of people with disabilties in their priavte and professional lives.


Duration: 24 Months

Start: 1. November 2017

Kick-Off-Meeting: 08. to 10. November 2017 in Oberursel

Final product: Handbook for Understanding and Improving the Fundamental Competences of People with Disabilities



October 2017

ELPIDA Project Launch



Bianka Winterscheid         Tel: 06081 / 44 25 65
Lena Herrenweger         Tel: 06171 / 694 75 22


The ELLA learning website is now online

September 2017

The ELLA Learning website is yet a work in progress but is now available at:



ELLA Final Meeting, Poland

September 2016


The Final Meeting was the last meeting of the project partner for three days in Gdansk, in which all results came together to a common, durable product ELLA.

32 persons with and without disability took part in the meeting, two people from the project team, 6 people from steering committee, 6 responsible persons for the working packages and 18 participants in the working packages Implementation with and without disabilities.

Guests invited were representatives of the Lifelong Learning Programme / Grundtvig (Brussels), representatives of adult education centres from Sweden, Austria and Germany as eventual future cooperation partners as well as the board members of Caravan 2000 International in case they did not present one of the working packages.


Welcome to our new partners from Latvia!

November 2015

Caravan 2000 has a new member in Latvia – the Latvian Movement for Independent Living- which is already participating in some projects of IB-Behindertenhilfe. During the ELLA Congress in Vienna in Novembre 2015 our Latvian partner will join the Caravan Federation's General Assambly for the first time.

Welcome to the board, Arnd Kunau!

October 2015

Arnd Kunau

is joining the executive board of the Karawane 2000, the German sister company of the Caravan 2000 Federation.



Tel. 0561 83268 Kassel

ELLA International Inclusion Congress | Vienna

November 2015

From November 11th – 14th 2015 the big ELLA-Congress took place in the Europe-House/Schloss Miller-Aichholz in Vienna/Austria.


The participants included representatives with and without disabilities as well as the members of the ELLA Advisary-Committee and the project management group with their assistants. The title of the Congress was: „United for Inclusive Education: Moving Beyond Traditional Learning“. For more go to projects | 2015

General Assembly Caravan 2000 | Germany

November 2015

The general assembly of Caravan 2000/Germany took place on Nov. 18th, 2015 in Kassel/Germany.

The Assembly members evaluated the ELLA project and discussed plans for 2016. Regrettably, only a few members participated this year, compared to the year before, when the general assembly was held in the frame of an „Aktion Mensch“ project („Day and Night for Diversity and Understanding“). Because we wish to welcome a big number of members and friends again, we resolved to plan the next general assembly in the frame of an international conference, for which an application will be submitted in the frame of Erasmus+.

General Assembly Caravan 2000 | International

Vienna, November 2015

The general assembly of Caravan 2000/international took place in Vienna Nov. 13, 2015. Firstly, the members of the Russian organisation „Theatre Petershed“ presented their work. Their application for membership in the Caravan was unanimously approved by the international board, which met directly after the Assembly. Thus, Caravan 2000 now has members in 16 countries.

Information about Pitershed can be found at:
Another application for membership was submitted by a Spanish organisation, but since they were not present at the Assembly, the decision on its membership was postponed.

IB-Behindertenhilfe gets EU-Funding for „ELLA“

July 2013

A big success for IB - Behindertenhilfe and Caravan 2000!





IB Behindertenhilfe applied for funding  for the project „ELLA ‐ A European Lifelong Learning Academy – An EducationOffensive For People With Disabilities„ from the LifeLongLearningProgramm Grundtvig in Brussels on behalf of all the members of the "Caravan 2000 Federation" and did so successfully! Only two applications of the 12 that were submitted to the Grundtvig Programm were approved.

It means, that IB Behindertenhilfe, together with its 19 partner organisations will get about 460.000,‐ € from the European Union over a 36 months period. The total cost of the project, including the matching funds that our members will add, amounts to 612.000,‐ €. The start of activities is forseen for November 2013, and the first big event (kick-off-meeting) will be held in November 2013 in the Educational Centre Hadamar/Germany.

All Included –idea an Practice of Inclusion for People with Disabilities in Europe

October 2013

The International Federation and 12 partners from Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Litauen , Greece and Turkey met from 9 to 13 October 2013 in Bernau at the conference " All Included –idea an Practice of Inclusion for People with Disabilities in Europe" We wanted to figure out the desired and actual state of implementation in each country. Our aim was to inform the participants through the exchange of knowledge and encouraged to recognize and to demand the inclusion of the right to personal, professional and political level. 


40 people attended the conference including 16 young people with disabilities and disadvantages as a direct and equal stakeholders and experts. The encounter crowded lectures, reflection, and discussion groups, as well as artistic and cultural events.


There were four presentations on


• Development and operation of the network Caravan 2000 (opening address Peter Furth the cofounder of the Caravan 2000)

• Implications of the UN Convention on people with disabilities "Inclusion .What is it and how can we breathe life into this term with practical application?," Lars Lippenmeier Europa-Akademie )

• The importance of emotional bonds ( "Does friendship still exist? ". Arnd Kunau People First)

• future challenges of the professional integration ( Do not give up , stick together " Michaela Schreier  Managing IB)


We reflected upon by moderation walls with specifying questions and discussion (Open space) . The participating teams presented the lived practice of participation in their organization and its environment and examples of good practice and insufficient ones. (The World Cafe method). The conference was accompanied with the products of the studio Amos, an art workshop for people with disabilities.


The findings and claims to live in a common society found expression in the " Bernau Declaration 2013 " and jointly created work of art.

We reflected on the questions and found the answers together.


We asked: inclusion - what is it : and found out it is mainly :

- The commonality and equality of all people , togetherness , shared reflection on the reality experienced , peer support .

- The real way to live self-determined and normal to be able to exercise the dream job, pursue new hobbies , make your own day and our own environment according to their own taste .

- The possibility of personal development.
- and the willingness to go ahead with a good example to others and to encourage them to hold together and persevere.
We considered also inclusion - which frame is needed: and demanded
- The information on the rights and resources
- a fair access to live in society (physical and mental)
- Successful communication in emotionally significant environments (family, school).

- Opportunities for active communication of needs and desires on the political , social or personal level

- Create and maintaining the encounter platforms to grow with others at a respectful relationship.


The actual realization through learning in the schools and work in the projects, public housing, common cultural performances.

We asked what skills are needed for this and wished us the possibilities for
- acquisition of technical and cultural skills : especially of language skills (English), and the computer skills to get access to the Internet , social networks
- promote development in areas of creative expression : writing books or taking professionally photo
- development in areas of intercultural and social communication to express themselves adequately and self-conscious.
- Training of specific disabilities to overcome own individual weaknesses such as training of voice or body coordination

We communicate during the conference a lot and varied on the topic. We argue, and agreed,  we quarreling with each other and got our points . We approached the matters seriously and systematically, but also playful and creative. It was a good successful time spent together.  What remains after the conference?

We asked finally Inclusion - what conclusions and work orders arise for us all from this? What is there to do?

We want:


  • creation of other supportive legal and social framework (Meetings to form a fearless approach to fashion and reduction of prejudice )

  • Schooling and preparation of all stakeholder and training of specific skills (English, computer skills , social skills )
  • creation of linguistically  and  impact accessibly  platform of information and communication like  Homepages and networks for support and  exchange (discussion forums)

  • dissemination art and music workshops for people with disabilities

. Summarizing, we approached a joint venture in which each take his own rightful place, which caring promotes in its weaknesses and well strengths its opportunities, which is successfully happened during the conference.

With this in mind… do not give up!

Caravan 2000 International

European Movement for Diversity and Understanding

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