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Régis Alvin is a project manager for the association Les Papillons Blancs (link is external) de Lille, coordinator of the project Inclusive Digital Academy (IDA) (link is external) and Day Centres Without Walls (link is external) (DCWW). Régis is also part of the Executive Board of Caravan 2000 International (link is external), a network that has been working for 20 years for a greater inclusion of people with disabilities or disadvantages.


In an interview for EPALE, Régis tells us how his new project addresses digital exclusion of learners with intellectual disabilities, and the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis.



IDA: Facing COVID together

The sudden arrival of the pandemic and the lockdown decision surprised everyone.
Nobody was prepared, let alone people with disabilities.

The use of digital has become the rule to communicate, manage its activities and time, but above all to properly inform oneself of the health situation and the measures barriers to respect.
The partners of the IDA project wanted to report on this period, on what they observed, the tools they implemented, the difficulties encountered.

A summary of these reports is available here. They tell us a lot about the digital divide of people with disabilities and will be useful in the priorities we will give to find digital solutions adapted to their needs.

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