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Caravan 2000 International for Diversity and Understanding is according to its statutes non-political association, but in these times we feel the deep need to give a political statement. We are very shocked by the images of war and the great humanitarian catastrophe going on in Ukraine. Not only in Europe, but in many other countries worldwide we see people and Civil Society groups demonstrate for peace and condemn the act of aggression and violence, bringing so much pain, traumas and death to Ukrainian, but also to Russian people. This is a war in the heart of Europe!

We ask the responsible to immediately stop the war and return to peace!


Our main target group, people with disabilities, will suffer even more from war actions, as they have no longer access to necessary medicine and therapies and are one of the most vulnerable groups of society. All Caravan members unite their voices and express their solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We stand by your side!

Dear Ukrainians,

Caravan 2000 is an international organization that brings together institutions that care for people with disabilities in various countries of the European Union. We are all ready to help refugees with disabilities from Ukraine when they reach our countries.

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Шановні українці,

Караван 2000 – міжнародна організація, яка об’єднує установи, які опікуються людьми з обмеженими можливостями в різних країнах Європейського Союзу. Ми всі готові допомогти біженцям-інвалідам з України, коли вони потраплять до наших країн.

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christiane.lensch@ib.de christine.halas@ib.de

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